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What is Open-eeZ?

Open-eeZ is an all-natural antibacterial balm designed to help consumers open stubborn bags in a hygienic and sanitary way.

How do I use Open-eeZ?

Simply apply a small amount of Open-eeZ balm to your fingertips and rub it onto the bag’s opening area. The balm helps to create a better grip on the bag, making it easier to open.

Is Open-eeZ safe for all skin types?

Yes, Open-eeZ is made with all-natural antibacterial components that are safe for all skin types.

Can I use Open-eeZ on any type of bag?

Open-eeZ is safe to use on most types of bags commonly found in the produce department and at the checkout.

Will Open-eeZ leave any residue on the bags?

No, Open-eeZ is a non-greasy formula that won’t leave any residue on bags or hands.

Is Open-eeZ environmentally friendly?

Yes, Open-eeZ is made with all-natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Where can I purchase Open-eeZ?

You can purchase Open-eeZ directly from our website or from select retailers near you.

What is the shelf life of Open-eeZ?

Open-eeZ has a shelf life of approximately 12 months when stored at room temperature.